Wine Review: Magnolia Mission Update 2

The other day I ventured into what has quickly become my favorite grocery store, Nugget Market.
Fresh meats and vegetables. A plethora of delicious cheeses and desserts. And an amazing selection of wines from the U.S. and many countries all over the world. 
They even have a special section of hard to get, winery exclusives!
This particular day, I stopped by to pick up a few items for dinner later that evening. I decided to browse the wine aisle to see if I could come across a tasty selection for my Magnolia Mission. Naturally they had quite a few wines that I could choose from that met my criteria: Chardonnays under $10.  I studied each option very carefully. Reading each label for insight into what the wine was all about. Then I came across a bottle of wine that I could not leave in the store. It was $11.99. However, with the $2.00 coupon from the manufacturer attached, it fit the bill. 
HandCraft Chardonnay. I had never heard of this particular brand before, but I loved it and will be buying it again. It is definitely one of those everyday wines you want to have around.  What first attracted me to the wine was that it is blended with a touch of Malvasia Bianca. I so do LOVE Malvasia Bianca. On the nose, you get the wonderful aroma of a ripe peach with the delicate scent of a flower. A creamy mouthfeel leads into a very fruit-forward type of Chardonnay. A strong peach flavor takes over and leaves the floral elegance I have come to enjoy from Malvasia Bianca on the finish.
I am not sure if your local stores carry this wine, but ASK!!  You cannot miss out on this one!
Cheers and Smoochez!

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