Wine Review: My New Fav Chardonnay!

I know I have said this before, but I SO love Nugget Markets!!
After attending a weekly wine tasting a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of their wine guide, which featured the wine consultants from each store; as well as several of their favorite wine selections!!  You know that I am currently on a  Magnolia Mission to find great Chardonnays under $10.  So, naturally, any of their Chardonnay recommendations peaked my interest!
On the cover of the wine guide was a Chardonnay whose name alone got my attention.  Musque.

The wine was described as being made from a Musque clone of Chardonnay.  Musque is a French term that means “perfumed” or “Muscat-like.”  SOLD!! I was all in.  Although this would not fit into my Magnolia Mission, due to the $12.99 price tag, it was still a great value for this very unique wine.
The sweet aromas of this wine bounced out of the glass.  Oranges and peaches tickled my nose.  I could not wait to taste it.  What joy!!  I really like Muscat wines, however, at times, the sweetness can be a bit overpowering for me.  I love Chardonnay.  Usually I prefer those with a lot of fruit-forward flavor, with hints of a buttery finish.  This wine is the best of both worlds!  An elegant Chardonnay with a hint of sweetness!!  I was so taken by this wine, that I did a little research and was able to find a video on You Tube.  Enjoy and Smoochez!!!!

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