Wine Review: Sunday Sipping!!

Hubby is putting a Salmon with a sweet glaze on the grill and I plan on washing it down with a great everyday wine……Stella Rosa Stella Bianco Semi-Sweet wine. Great peach and apricot flavors with lots of bubbles to tickle the palate and even quench a little thirst!
This wine was a part of a set of six wines that I purchased from my favorite local grocery store, The Nugget! They were having a super sale on a lot of their wines and I decided to take advantage of it!!  Many grocery stores have a 10% discount on wine when you purchase six bottles.  That offer pushed this sale into orbit.  What made it even nicer was the fact that I decided to stick to a ten dollar limit for each wine!!  Check out the pic below to find out what I purchased.  If you have tasted one of them before, tell me what you think!  Stay tuned for my notes on each one!
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