Winding Down the Week………………of December 16th and the 23rd.

The week of the 16th was one of the longest weeks of my life. I don’t know what I was thinking by booking my schedule so tight this week. I couldn’t even attend my son’s Holiday Performance and Gingerbread House Party. I was devastated! What kind of mom am I to miss something so important? Yes, I work hard to provide for my family, but there are just some things I should always be available for. Better planning is in order for 2014.

Hmm, 2014. I had several goals set for 2013 that I was definitely going to accomplish. I think I may have knocked TWO off of my list. Next year, I have got to do better! If you want something, you have to go out there and get it. If it doesn’t challenge you, it isn’t worth doing. I am destined for greatness.

How were your Christmas holidays? Ours was fabulous!! Not because there were lots of gifts, but because watching my kids really enjoy the holidays really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For me, all of the Santa and gift-giving stuff is for the little ones to enjoy. I would much rather spend time exploring the true meaning of Christmas. So, when my church would go to the mental hospital and bring food and gifts for the patients, that really got me into the spirit. Helping my son to pick out toys to donate is why I enjoy the season. It’s funny when he finds something that he hasn’t seen in a while and then wants to play with it! I have to then explain to him that some kids may not get presents for Christmas and that Santa needs his help! Yes, I am big on the Santa thing. My kids are very young, and the thought of Santa gets them excited about Christmas. I know it did for me! I knew that if I was a good girl, did well in school and shared with others, Santa would be nice at Christmas time. I was HIGHLY disappointed when I found out there was no Santa; to the point that I stopped enjoying Christmas. Then every year, when our choir would go to the mental hospital, I would be reminded of the spirit of Christmas. I hope the same for my kids, except, I am not going to wait until they are twelve (like my mom did) to tell them that Santa doesn’t really come to our house and eat our cookies!!
I have really young children. My oldest is in kindergarten. He has a speech delay and low muscle tone, but is doing EXCEPTIONALLY well in school. He has grown to be such a lovable gentleman and deserved a great Christmas. My middle son, who is four, suffers from a rare genetic condition, but even he has made significant strides this year. He learned to walk!!!! That was the most amazing Christmas present our entire family ever could have received!! My youngest is an infant, but has really been enjoying his Christmas gifts as well!! I also have a teen aged stepson that I love dearly and think of as one of my own. He does not live with us, so most of our bonding happens over the phone and through Facetime. He wanted the PS4. Until he gets those grades up, he can forget about it! LOL! He wants money to save up for it himself. That is a valiant effort, but again, if you are going to get money out of me, you are going to have to do well in school, or lose some teeth!! LOL!
When the kids are older, in addition to donating items, I hope to bring them out to a shelter or soup kitchen on Christmas or Christmas eve to serve food and help out. I LOVE that!! I don’t know whether to be upset or happy when I call a soup kitchen to volunteer, only to be told that they have more than enough help. You know, upset that I am not able to help, and happy that there are so many people out there who are willing to volunteer their time during the holidays to make sure that someone else can enjoy theirs.
These words were paired with one of my favorite wines…….Sterling Vineyards Malvasia Bianca.

A moderately sweet wine, it bursts with floral aromas!! You are likely to taste juicy stone fruits on your palate with just the right amount of crisp! Makes for a great summer wine, BUT why wait until then! I love it with cheeses with a nutty texture! Until next time, SMOOCHEZ!!

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