Wine Review: Cline 2014 Mourvedre Rose

I received an email from Cost Plus World Market with great deals and promotions on their Rose’ wines.  All year round I am a bubbly girl for sure.  In the colder months, my favorite everyday wine is Pinot Noir.  During the warmer months, Rose’ it is.  So, once I received this notification, off to Cost Plus I went.  I had a specific mission to pick up TWO bottles of Rose’ and NOTHING else.  Naturally, things didn’t pan out the way I planned.  Once I got in the store, which I haven’t visited for a very long time, I got overly excited and ended up leaving the place with FIVE bottles of wine.  Ah, well, it happens.

One of the Rose’ wines that caught my attention was from Cline Cellars.  I had visited Cline before and really enjoyed the wines and my experience there.  Plus, the bottle was so attractive to me, I just had to pick it up.  And I did.  I picked it up and put it into my basket.

photo (5)


Name: Cline Ancient Vines
Varietal: Mourvedre Rose’
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 14.0%
Appellation: Contra Costa County
Aromas and Flavors: Strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, watermelon

The Mourvedre was grown on a ranch in Contra Costa County.  Wine Spectator rated the wine at 88 points.

This is an absolutely fabulous wine.  I hated to see it go.  According to the Cline Cellars website, they are sold out.  However, you may be able to pick up a bottle or two at your local Cost Plus World Market store.

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