Wine Review: Kirkland Signature Series 2013 Chardonnay

As you may know, Costco is one of my favorite places to shop when looking for great wine at a great price.  On one particular trip (another one in which I was only supposed to be purchasing food), I met a gentleman who shared my same passion.  He mentioned to me that he had once owned a wine shop, but it had since closed.  Upon sharing ideas about some of our Costco favorites, I noticed that he had placed several Kirkland Signature wines in his cart.  Kirkland Signature wines are Costco brands.  Brands that I never considered trying before.  The gentleman picked up a bottle of Kirkland Chardonnay and said, “If you are looking for a really good, reasonably priced Chardonnay, this is a great bet.”  I’ll admit that I have passed up Kirkland Signature time and time again.  Not necessarily on purpose.  It’s just that when I shop at Costco, I am looking for quality brands that I am familiar with and looking to get for a great price.  This was actually the first time I had anyone to mention Costco brand wines at all.  So, I decided to give the gentlemen’s recommendation a try.  I am happy to say, it was an excellent choice.  Kirkland Signature consists of a portfolio of wine, beer and spirits.  I am looking forward to trying other wines at my next visit!


Name:  Kirkland Signature Series Chardonnay
Varietal:  100% Chardonnay
Vintage:  2013
Appellation:  Russian River Valley (Sonoma)
Alcohol:  14.1%
Aromas:  Citrus, lemon, fig
Flavor:  Lemon, green apple, hint of oak, nice acidity, lingering flavor

Maybe I will do a Kirkland Signature Series Tasting Review next time!  Cheers!

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