Wine Review: Radius Merlot

I have a large group of friends and family whose palate much prefers the taste of sweeter wines than anything else.  I put forth my best effort to come across wines that help them to transition to other varietals.  While shopping for some great deals in Total Wine,  I came across a Merlot listed as one of their top bargains.  I have only bought a few of their top-bargain wines in the past, but so far I have not been disappointed.

RadiRadius wineus Merlot is a Washington state wine, and a real steal at $9.99 per bottle.  With this wine, I instantly think of a big bowl of delicious ripe cherries with just a hint of vanilla.  It is just sweet enough to suit the palate of the sweet wine drinkers,  but has just enough bite from the tannins to please any Merlot lover.  This wine is great for everyday and would pair well with all types of food.

Name: Radius Merlot
Varietal: 76% Merlot, 16% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Franc, 3% Sangiovese
Alcohol: 12.6%
Appellation: Washington State

Winemaker’s Notes:  “A deep, dark red-colored wine with ripe cherry and plum fruit aromas and a hint of light vanilla oak. Plum, raspberry jam, and tea leaves predominate the palate. The wine has a balanced roundness and supple tannins with lingering fruit on the finish.”

Radius is part of the portfolio for Precept Wines.  Founded in 2003, Precept is the largest, privately-owned wine company in the Northwest.  To learn more about Precept Wines and the other selections in their portfolio, visit their site at


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