Fine Wining and Fine Dining: Oakland Wine Festival 2016 Part One

Photo courtesy of Oakland Wine Festival

Oakland Wine and Food Society Founder, Melody Fuller and friends, present the 2nd Annual Oakland Wine Festival, scheduled for July 16th at Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland, CA.  Described as a primarily seated fine wine and food event, it debuted as the first wine festival of its kind in Oakland last summer.  The festival features “celebrated winemakers and wineries throughout the Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and beyond.”  All net proceeds from the event will benefit community charities within Oakland and the Bay Area.

Guests can look forward to activities such as intimate luncheons, elegant seated tastings, and exclusive winemaker dinners.  This year, the Oakland Wine Festival will feature “The Judgement of Oakland™” event, the opening gathering for the festival.  A creative spin on the Judgement of Paris, the Double Blind Tasting and Brunch will feature over 100 elegantly bagged wines to be blind tasted by guests, patrons, media, and sommeliers alike.  Guests will be assigned to a salon where they will taste and “judge” several wines of various vintages and varietals.  Results of the “Judgement” will be released after the festival, giving guests the opportunity to see how their wine ratings compared to those of wine industry experts.

Melody Fuller, Founder of Oakland Wine Festival and Oakland Wine and Food Society Photo courtesy of Oakland Wine Festival

This coming Saturday, the Oakland Wine Festival will host its Kick-Off Party at Pican Restaurant.  Look forward to an amazing afternoon meeting new people and tasting fantastic wines.  Attendees will have the chance to meet with renown winemakers and taste superb wines from across the Sonoma Valley and beyond.  Enjoy seated tastings, conversations and education.  The event will also feature a live auction for a signed Harrison Barnes basketball.  This donation was given by the Golden State Warriors Community Foundation.  Memberships to the Oakland Wine and Food Society will be available; as well as tickets to the Oakland Wine Festival.  Tickets to the Kick-Off Party are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  Tickets to the party and festival are available for purchase via Eventbrite.  Guests are encouraged to share their experiences with this year’s festival by using #OWFS2016 on social media.

A special thanks goes to all of the sponsors, volunteers and friends that make the Oakland Wine Festival possible.  To learn more about the OWF, visit

Photo courtesy of Oakland Wine Festival

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