We Have Moved (Sort Of)!! Follow Our New Magazine!

1734 magazine2 LOGO White

I have had an amazing time over the years jumping into the exciting, complex and entertaining world of wine.  The places I’ve gone, the people I have met and the wines I have encountered have taken me on an amazing journey that I am excited to continue.  In February of 2018, I launched Seventeen Thirty-Four Magazine,  a wine lifestyle magazine dedicated to sipping, savoring and exploring all things wine.  It is also home to the Directory of Black Wine Professionals, which features information on African-Americans working in all aspects of the wine industry.  Two issues have been released so far and we are currently updating our site, bringing you new and improved content to explore.  So stay tuned for the release of our newest issue very soon.

Southern Girl in a Wine World will remain active and dear to my heart.  You may even find new content here from time to time!  An amazing “Thank You” to those of you who have followed me along this journey.  I hope to have your continued support in my new venture.  In the meantime, cheers to the future!

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