How To: Judgement of Oakland 2017

The Third Annual Oakland Wine Festival is set to take place on Saturday, July 15th.  Featured for its second year is the Judgement of Oakland™ Double Blind Wine Tasting, a creative spin on the world renown Judgment of Paris tasting, which pushed California wines to the forefront of wine culture.  Guests will have access to... Continue Reading →

Napa Valley in the Summertime

It's hot and beautiful, as it always is this time of year in the Napa Valley.  Wondering how to indulge in the beauty of the valley this summer.  Check out my article on "8 Reasons Napa Valley Is So Awesome In The Summer"

Birthday Tasting at Kenzo Estate

I most enjoy the scenery when driving to wine country.  Such was especially true on my birthday drive up to Kenzo Estate in Napa.  My route from Sacramento took Hubby and I through the Suisun Valley, onto beautiful, mountainous roads.  At a certain point, cell service to our phones completely went out.  The strikingly beautiful culprit... Continue Reading →

Wine Review: My New Fav Chardonnay!

I know I have said this before, but I SO love Nugget Markets!! After attending a weekly wine tasting a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of their wine guide, which featured the wine consultants from each store; as well as several of their favorite wine selections!!  You know that I am currently... Continue Reading →

Wine Review: Magnolia Mission Update 2

The other day I ventured into what has quickly become my favorite grocery store, Nugget Market. Fresh meats and vegetables. A plethora of delicious cheeses and desserts. And an amazing selection of wines from the U.S. and many countries all over the world.  They even have a special section of hard to get, winery exclusives! This... Continue Reading →

Wine Tasting Foodie: Date Nite at Bin 38

Delicately tucked away in the heart of San Francisco, you might miss it!! I happened upon this spot about a year ago while browsing the net looking for a new place to eat.  It came as a great recommendation for good food and wine. However, it was not until two nights ago that I finally... Continue Reading →

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