During one of my many last minute grocery store runs to Nugget Market, they were hosting one of their daily cheese tastings.  I stopped by to sample what was available.  I heard the hostess explaining what it was, but I really wasn't listening.  I just popped the cheese in my mouth and was pleasantly surprised... Continue Reading →

Since the spring season is among us, I decided that I wanted to do a tasting of some varietals I am looking forward to sipping during the warm months.  I chose to start with Sauvignon Blanc.  I selected three wines, each from the vintage 2013, and all from different California wine regions.  I asked my... Continue Reading →

Wine Review: Sunday Sipping!!

Hubby is putting a Salmon with a sweet glaze on the grill and I plan on washing it down with a great everyday wine......Stella Rosa Stella Bianco Semi-Sweet wine. Great peach and apricot flavors with lots of bubbles to tickle the palate and even quench a little thirst! This wine was a part of a set... Continue Reading →

Wine Review: My New Fav Chardonnay!

I know I have said this before, but I SO love Nugget Markets!! After attending a weekly wine tasting a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of their wine guide, which featured the wine consultants from each store; as well as several of their favorite wine selections!!  You know that I am currently... Continue Reading →

Wine Review: Magnolia Mission Update 2

The other day I ventured into what has quickly become my favorite grocery store, Nugget Market. Fresh meats and vegetables. A plethora of delicious cheeses and desserts. And an amazing selection of wines from the U.S. and many countries all over the world.  They even have a special section of hard to get, winery exclusives! This... Continue Reading →

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