I am so excited to once again have to opportunity for volunteer for Auction Napa Valley 2015.  Taking place this year from June 3rd-7th, the purpose of this annual event is to enhance the well-being of those in the Napa Valley community.  Thus far, the auction has raised over 145 million dollars towards both children's... Continue Reading →

Since the spring season is among us, I decided that I wanted to do a tasting of some varietals I am looking forward to sipping during the warm months.  I chose to start with Sauvignon Blanc.  I selected three wines, each from the vintage 2013, and all from different California wine regions.  I asked my... Continue Reading →

Belle de Vin…

Hi All!! Please be sure to check out the Facebook page of my new company, Belle de Vin, which offers customized itineraries for your Wine Country excursions to Napa, Sonoma, Livermore or Lodi.  As an Independent Wine Ambassador with Boisset Wine Living at Home, I can also bring wine country to you through private guided... Continue Reading →

Wine Tasting: Tasting Room Etiquette or Customer Service?

I am always seeing articles about the tasting room etiquette that customers should have when they visit tasting rooms.  That is perfectly understandable, but what about the customer service that staff should have when customers visit the tasting room?  Growing up in the South, I am all about hospitality.  Especially when you work directly in... Continue Reading →

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