Total Wine Review: Zinfandel and Pinot Noir: Great Deals under $15

I have not been spending much time in Total Wine lately.  Not on purpose, I just haven’t had the time to drive there.  I was recently determined to get there one day after work to pick up a Zinfandel (as this is what I have REALLY been into since the start of the fall).  Now anyone who has been to this store knows that there is no way possible to walk out with only ONE bottle of wine.  But, I did great!!  I only left with TWO bottles!!!  I was anxious to find some great wines under $15.  Total Wine is really good for finding delicious, budget-friendly wines for their customers.

The Zinfandel I chose was a 2013 Oak Ridge Ancient Vine from Lodi, CA.  I also decided to grab a Pinot Noir, a 2014 Angeline Vineyards from Santa Rosa.

oak ridge wine

Winemaker’s Notes from the Website:

Flavors and Aromas: “Blackberry, Dutch chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, caramel and subtle touches of black pepper burst out of the glass for this Zinfandel with a round, soft, voluptuous mouth-feel that delivers a broad, full presence and subtle tannin the offer a velvety texture.”  Pairs best with “Barbeque-Pizza, Dry-rubbed BBQ pork ribs, Bacon and blue cheese hamburger .”

Name: Oak Ridge Ancient Vine Zinfandel
Varietal: Zinfandel and Petite Sirah
Vintage: 2013
Alcohol: 13.95%
Appellation: Lodi
Color: Beautiful deep purple (I LOVE purple wines)

Aromas: Oak, Blueberry, Mint, Dark Plum

Flavors: Oak, Blueberry, very fruit-forward, fleshy dark fruit, plum pie, balanced tannin

This delicious wine is available at Total Wine for $13.99.


Winemaker’s Notes from the Website:

“Our Pinot Noir comes delivered to us from throughout the coastal regions of the state in hand-picked, ½ ton bins. Each lot is destemmed, but not crushed, in order to prevent the release of astringent tannins from the skins and seeds. The lots are fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool to moderate temperatures to maximize the bright fruit aromatics and flavors. Following primary, it is pressed and racked to 35% new French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and aging.”

“This wine is no exception to our dedication in over-delivering quality in every wine we bottle. Our Pinot Noir is a wealth of aromas such as fresh cranberries, maraschino cherries, and orange zest. The palate is round and juicy with lively acidity, and a touch of sweet, toasty oak on the finish.”

Name: Angeline Vineyards Pinot Noir
Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 13.8%
Appellation: Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
Color: Ruby Red, dark tones along the edge

Aromas: Over-ripe, almost tart berries, pomegranate, cherry candy

Flavors: Cherries, bright and fruity, smooth berry flavor with a bite on the end, pomegranate, oak

This delicious wine is available at Total Wine for $11.99.

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