Bubblyfest San Francisco 2016

Let the Bubbly Begin!

Ever heard of Bubblyfest?  If you haven’t, you have really been missing out!  I got an opportunity to attend a Pop-Up event last Saturday in San Francisco.  If you follow me on Twitter, then you had an inside track into all of the fun.  Bubblyfest is an exciting way for bubbly fans (like me) to taste delicious sparklers from all over the globe, meet winemakers, and gain insight and education through fun seminars.  The launch for Bubblyfest began in 2014 through Create Promotions,  a dynamic events and promotions group.  It was created to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization.  Since its inception, it has been steadily rising in popularity.  Each event has a limited number of tickets available, and is always sure to sell out.

Bubblyfest by the Sea is the grand event that wine novices and aficionados alike are excited to take part in.  Taking place in Avila Beach, CA, this event promises over 50 champagne and sparking wine options to enjoy.  Add the seminars, dinner, delectable bites, a Gatsby-inspired cocktail party, and the Pacific Ocean in the background, what more could you ask for?

The Pop-Up Bubblyfest in San Francisco (there is one is LA too!) gives guests a small taste of what you will get at the main event.  Not to mention the great discount you get to “Bubblefest by the Sea” for attending one of the pop-ups.  The place was packed but the welcome was warm.

IMG_1907 IMG_1905

Taking place at the San Francisco Wine School, this was my first visit there and I was excited to see it.  After checking in at the front desk, guests were greeted by their first pour of  an Iron Horse Russian Cuvee or a Gruet Brut, both very yummy ways to start the afternoon.  It also helped that the beautiful Riedel tasting glass was a souvenir to keep.  Tasting stations were placed all along the wall of the large, open room.  At the end near the entrance, a set of tables, chairs and glasses were set up before the next seminar.  A Riedel Masterclass seminar had already taken place before the main event began.  Tickets to this ala carte event sold fast.  Lucky attendees not only got insight into how the shape of a glass affects the perception of wine, but they also received a complimentary 4-piece Riedel wine tasting set!


The were several seminars taking place throughout the day and guest were sure to reserve their spots to attend.  Wine seminars are always fun and educational.  I mean, realistically speaking, almost any seminar would be fun for me if wine was being poured.

IMG_2024 IMG_1951

The hosts for each of the stations were either volunteers, representatives, or the winemakers themselves.  All were open, welcoming and some even entertaining to the crowds of guests that greeted their tables.  No question was unreasonable, and no second taste was turned away.  Three hours was truly enough time to taste at each table, stop along the way for some fiddles, and circle back around for your favorites.

IMG_1902 IMG_1911 IMG_1913 IMG_1928 IMG_1939 IMG_1945 IMG_1953 IMG_1963 IMG_1968 IMG_1971

There was a wide variety of sparking representation at the event.  J Vineyards, Capay Valley, LVVR, Pope Valley, and Rack and Riddle just to name a few!  The standouts for me included the Voveti Prosecco.  This brut-style treat was super bubbly, presenting some apple and melon on the palate.  The winner of the afternoon (one of which I circled back to three times) was the Bepin De Eto Vaiss, a wonderfully delicious sparkling wine from the province of Treviso, Italy.  I first noticed the beautiful bottle, only because I am a sucker for a great bottle.  I discovered that this wine is made with Malvasia grapes, which explains my attraction to it.  The Malvasia grape is my favorite, and I do not come across a wide variety of wines made in this style.


There were tables with a variety of nibbles to enjoy.  My hubby fell hard for the smoked Gouda and refused to leave before finding out the brand name.  But the real hits in the nibbles department were Fab Delights Chocolate and The Rustic Puff.  Of course you can’t have any wine without some great chocolate to wash it down with.  The minute I came into the room, I saw folks walking around with these super huge chocolate covered strawberries!  And the Rustic Puff’s flavored marshmallows are always a tasty addition to any function.  I am not a fan of marshmallows unless its on a s’more, but I could not resist the Primitivo and the Lemonade marshmallows.  I wanted to taste the Strawberry Champagne, but you know that went fast.  I see on their website that they also carry a Cotton Candy flavor.  I will have to try!

IMG_1919 IMG_1954

To find out more information about Bubblyfest, go to www.bubblyfest.com.  I hope to see you at the main event this fall!!!

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