Wine Tasting Foodie: Date Nite at Bin 38

Delicately tucked away in the heart of San Francisco, you might miss it!! I happened upon this spot about a year ago while browsing the net looking for a new place to eat.  It came as a great recommendation for good food and wine. However, it was not until two nights ago that I finally decided to grab up Hubby and check it out.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect once we turned the corner and saw the BIN 38 sign.  I had something completely different in mind when I pictured the restaurant. I am SO glad I was wrong!!
This place screams one word, INTIMATE!!!  The moment we walked in, I felt as though I had stepped into a romantic scene from a “date night” movie! It is very quaint, yet elegant.  Dimly lit with low lighting and candles.  The light that flickers off the wine glasses sets the mood for a great evening of food and wine with the one you love.  Don’t get me wrong.  This is also the perfect setting for meeting a friend after work to wind down the day.  Or you can do what I plan to do in the near future….gather up some friends for a Girls Nite Out!!!
When we received our menus, I did what I do best…..go straight to the wine list!!!  THE WINE LIST!!  Bin 38 has one of the most extensive beer and wine lists I have seen!! Wow!! I didn’t know where to start! The menu included selections from California, France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc. etc. On top of that, they offer half-glass flights for you to choose from! It took me twenty minutes to finally decide on something.  Hubby and I decided to try the Vina Robles White 4 2010 from California and the Frisk Riesling 2011 from Australia.  The Vina Robles was a blend of four varietals that included Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino and Verdelho. They blend very well!!  Scents of apricot and peach burst from the glass!  It finishes wonderfully with a tangy acidity.
I am a Riesling fanatic!! The Frisk Riesling has made its way into my heart and the top of my list for favorites!!  It is lightly sweet and insanely juicy.  It combines tastes that I am not accustomed to in other Rieslings that I drink.  This one has hints of lemons, oranges and nectarines.  The scent is sweet enough to want to bottle as a perfume!!  I LOVE IT!
The food menu does not overwhelm you with a million things to decide on.  Instead, it is a carefully selected combination of eclectic, mouth-watering items! Salumi, breads, and wonderful cheeses are only a small portion of temptations to begin your meal.  Even the “Bar Snacks” make for great options!!  Okay, just could not decide what to choose here either!! Had to ask our wonderful server for his suggestions.  He made everything sound even better than it did reading it on the menu!  Hubby and I decided to try the Baked Feta with mountain berries and crostini to start; with the Grilled Country Pork Chops and 36hr Short Ribs as our main course.  Only to be notified that the Short Ribs were being substituted for Filet Mignon!!!! Hey!! I did not have a problem with that at all!! Neither did Hubby!  He changed his choice!!
Let me tell you guys, when I say the food was absolutely phenomenal…….I mean the food was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!  The goat cheese souffle, cipollini onions and artichokes that
accompanied the Filet made it jump off the plate!  We ate every bite and have not stopped talking about it since we left!!!  Unfortunately, we had to leave to pick up our babies in a hurry, so I didn’t get to the Creme Brulee and bottle of wine I had planned to purchase.  SO I WILL BE BACK!!

Bin 38 gets FIVE Magnolias from Miss Magnolia!!!! I was so inspired by my visit, I am going to create a “My Favorite Restaurants” page for this site. Bin 38 will be the FIRST!! An extra special thank you to the Assistant General Manager, Brandt, for his wonderful hospitality!! Hope to see you soon!! Smoochez!!

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