Wedding Time Wine

Just a few days shy of spring, we will soon see the warmer days, blooming bushes and the season of love.  Spring and Summer are the most popular times the of year for lovers to tie the knot.  Who can do that without a celebratory toast or pairings for a delicious reception meal?  No one.

Whether you need a sparkling wine for a special toast or pre-wedding party or great reds and whites to pair with your carefully selected meals, I can help you.  You can browse and shop directly from my website, or you can contact me directly for assistance with your special day.

Getting the wedding party together for some final decision making or just some fun?  Book a private wine tasting!  I will bring wine country to you.  Each flight serves up to 16 people.  You may order more wine if you have a bigger party.  Flights range from $79-$389.  The tasting host receives some special incentives on purchases!

Visit today.  And ask me about personalized wine bottles!

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